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The tablets are a direct replacement for the sachets, each tablet contains 1000mg of myo-inositol so 2 tablets provide exactly the same dose as 1 sachet. Take 2 tablets twice per day

Replenitol can help change your life.
Replenitol tablets and Inoself sachets are extremely effective treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fertility enhancement in women and men and for the prevention of diabetes in pregnancy (GDM). It can help anyone with these conditions and often leads to life-changing improvements.

Now Available as Tablets called Replenitol
We have recently launched Replenitol tablets as they provide an identical treatment but in a much more user-friendly format, allowing you take your medication twice per day - as with the inoself sachets - or you can take them throughout your day. As tablets, they are absorbed less quickly than the dissolved sachet contents, improving the bioavailability profile. They can be taken twice per day - two tablets in the morning and the evening - or spaced out across your day. You can take them with or without food; if you take them within an hour or two after eating, this will extend the absorption window, increasing the bioavailability still further.
The tablets are sold in boxes of 120 with 10 tablets per blister pack.

See how Replenitol can help you






If you have any of the above, you’ve come to the right place. Replenitol targets the root cause of the problem, supplementing a metabolic deficiency, and starts working immediately. Here we will explain how Replenitol works, how it can help you and where you can buy it.

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