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Improve your chances of getting pregnant and save money

Whether or not you have been diagnosed with PCOS, the chances are that Replenitol can help you achieve your goal of becoming pregnant. It corrects a metabolic deficiency that is quite marked among most women with PCOS and which may also affect all women (and men) to a lesser degree. So it may be symptomless in most regards but presents a challenge to getting pregnant. The metabolite in question is the active ingredient in Replenitol, myo-inositol NF12, which is absolutely essential for normal egg development in women and for sperm development in men.
Getting to the root of the problem
Most women with PCOS have close relatives who also have/had the condition and/or type 2 diabetes. A characteristic of both syndromes is insulin resistance which causes the pancreas to produce excessive insulin.
A diet with an excess of carbohydrates also produces the same effect and can cause a deficiency of the crucial metabolite that is needed for normal sperm and egg production as well as the normal regulation of blood sugar, cholesterol and sex hormones. A disturbance in the normal pathways caused by a genetic predisposition and/or high carbohydrate diet can have a profound negative impact on your fertility.

Replenitol directly supplements the deficiency, normal biochemical control returns and the impaired fertility is reversed


Replenitol is the only treatment that corrects the cause of insulin resistance at source and replenishes the body's supply of the metabolite needed for the normal development of follicles and sperm. The active ingredient is entirely natural and there are no known side effects or interactions with other treatments. Our bodies produce 4g per day to meet our needs for this essential building block - any excess is simply excreted. If we become deficient, the normal control of blood sugars, cholesterol and sex hormones can become disrupted leading to impaired fertility. If your blood cholesterol is in the high normal range, this could be an indication that your reserves are depleted which is impairing your fertility.


Replenitol ensures that the follicles and sperm are fully supplied with the metabolites that are essential for normal gamete production, increasing levels of fertility


The effectiveness of Replenitol in PCOS has been known for many years. More recently, studies have highlighted its potential role in helping all women and men conceive. Our modern diet, which is high in carbohydrates, can deplete an essential metabolite that is needed for normal levels of fertility and, as we age, this depletion can worsen, presenting a major challenge to having a baby. Often, medical intervention is required to help those affected complete their families. This usually involves a course of ovarian stimulation by daily injections of FSH and implantation of embryos produced in a laboratory environment.


Two recent studies demonstrated that women taking a 3 month course of Replenitol prior to commencement of a treatment cycle produced a greater proportion of top quality oocytes, had greater ovarian sensitivity and showed a trend towards improved pregnancy rates. Larger studies are required to prove statistical significance of this effect. Below, you can see how Replenitol can help:

Pretreatment reduces FSH dose by 12-19% - saving you money, increases oocyte quality and shows a trend to increased pregnancy rates

Reducing the amount of FSH administered lowers both the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation and the chances of cancellation of the treatment cycle which can improve your chances of conceiving and save you money: the average saving more than outweighs the cost of 3 months treatment with Replenitol.


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