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Buying from the UK and Overseas

If you are in Ireland, please visit the main shop

          If you are in the UK, please visit us here where your order can be processed in £Sterling

We can supply you, wherever you are

We have had a lot of interest from potential customers internationally and are now in a position to fulfil orders. Please email us so that we can help expedite your order. Otherwise, you can use the main shop, select your package and checkout. Your order will be processed in the normal way and should be with you in 2 working days.

Click here to place your order for the 6-month package


What are the costs?












You can buy from anywhere in the world

We also sell throughout Europe and the rest of the world. For the EU, the cost is about €1.00 extra per box to cover the additional postage charges. The rest of the world varies but, typically, North America the cost is about €1.50 extra per box. If you email us with your requirements and delivery details, we'll get back to you with costs and delivery details,

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