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Getting Pregnant

Replenitol can help you become pregnant
Whether you are a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome or need a boost to improve your chances of becoming pregnant, Replenitol can help. It can also help men, by increasing the sperm count, concentration and activation level. We have produced a leaflet outlining its role in fertility which you can download here. We explain how it can help women with PCOS extensively in this section and also have a dedicated leaflet (you can download it here) covering the main challenges presented by the syndrome. The active ingredient is essential for hormonal regulation and is crucial for normal egg production and maturation.

Replenitol maximises the chances of conceiving

Some women and men have a minor deficiency of the active ingredient, myo-inositol, and will probably be unaware of this because it has little impact on their lives. When a couple is trying to start a family, a deficit in either may make it less likely that they will achieve their goal without assistance. Myo-inositol is essential for normal gametogenesis: i.e. egg and sperm development and maturation in women and men, respectively. Replenitol supplies an essential metabolite that is needed in the ovaries to produce good quality eggs and for the selective maturation of the best ones to maximise the chances of successful fertilisation. In men, it is essential for sperm development, maturation and for enabling the sperm to fertilise the egg.










Studies show that women with PCOS who take Replenitol for 3 months prior to a fertility treatment cycle have 82% of their oocytes classified as being the top grade compared with just 36% in women who were untreated. This led to a greater number of pregnancies, resulting in 32% having a healthy baby at term, compared with 12% in the untreated group. In studies of women who do not have PCOS, similar findings were made.


The number of births of healthy babies was nearly three times higher in the treatment group


In men, studies show that Replenitol reduces two "female" hormones, LH and FSH, by about one third, increases sperm concentration and total sperm count by a quarter, increases motility by about a fifth and increases the proportion of acrosome-reacted spermatazoa (the ability to fertilise the egg) by a quarter. These combined improvements should provide a considerable boost to your chances of conceiving.


Studies among women without PCOS who are undergoing IVF treatment also produce a significantly greater proportion of top quality oocytes and require 10-20% less follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) compared with those who did not receive supplementation. A further benefit enjoyed by the group as a whole was a significant reduction in the number of women having to abort their treatment cycle because of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).


If you are undergoing fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI, Replenitol can reduce the amount of FSH you require by 10-20%, lowering your treatment cost and improving your chances of achieving your goal.


This section is under development and will be expanded in due course. A fuller document we use with clinical personnel is available here. It is fully referenced to peer-reviewed papers covering the biochemistry, physiology and therapeutic applications of Replenitol. Where the full papers are publicly available free of charge, we provide links to download those papers; where the publishers have placed restrictions on usage, we provide a link to the full citation and give you the Abstract - you can then decide if you wish to pay for access to those papers.

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