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PCOS is variable in cause and symptoms - so are the treatments

Knowing the cause of an illness allows scientists and clinicians to target treatment to correct the underlying problem. In PCOS, the majority of sufferers have insulin resistance which can cause all of the typical symptoms.


When treated effectively with Replenitol, for example, most or all of the symptoms improve or disappear.


Some women have a different underlying cause(s). You may still benefit from Replenitol but the chances are that other options will need to be considered too. These tend to be specific for a particular symptom so it was commonplace for most sufferers to receive a range of treatments. Set out in the link below is a chart of the common symptoms and the various treatments that might be recommended by your doctor.


We hope that you are one of the majority of women with PCOS who respond fully to Replenitol and that it provides all the help you need to improve your health now and eliminate the associated long-term health risk factors.


Click here for a comparison of the range of symptom-specific treatments


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