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Replenitol can keep you and baby healthy throughout pregnancy

Replenitol can be safely taken throughout pregnancy to help keep you and baby well. As it is naturally produced by all people, it is completely safe and has been proven to provide protection against diabetes in pregnancy or gestational diabetes (GDM). Three particular studies that examined women at an elevated risk of developing diabetes were assessed in large randomised double-blind trials. The "at risk" groups were those women with a family history of type 2 diabetes, overweight women with a BMI of 25-30 prior to becoming pregnant and also women who were classified as obese (BMI above 30). Across all groups, the reduction of risk was reduced by up to 70%.
The treatment protocol was identical in each study and required the expectant mothers to take 2 sachets of 2 grammes twice daily from the end of the first trimester to delivery. The main findings are shown in the 3 tables below. The first study examined additional parameters and it is interesting to note that babies were not as large compared with control and there were no abnormally heavy babies. Heavy babies can present challenges to the mother, the baby and the delivery team so preventing what is known as "macrosomia" is an additional, highly desirable benefit.
Gestational diabetes affects 12-18% of women in Ireland and the UK
Keeping well throughout pregnancy is a challenge. The proportion of women who develop diabetes whilst pregnant has dramatically increased recently so action is needed. The challenges to both mother and baby during the very important developmental period can contribute to the risk of needing additional medical intervention for delivery. Furthermore, babies born to mothers who develop gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of developing diabetes themselves. Replenitol is a very efficacious and cost-effective treatment that lowers the risk of developing GDM by up to 70% and is completely safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The treatment cost associated with each case of GDM is estimated to be €3-5,000 and the human cost can be inestimable. If you are in an "at risk" group, you should consider taking Replenitol to keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy and post delivery.

Replenitol can prevent 91.5% of cases of GDM in women with elevated fasting blood sugar during the 1st trimester
The 3 studies above show the benefits of treating groups that are at risk and the study table below shows the benefits of treating individuals who have been identified as "at risk" by assessing fasting blood sugar in the first trimester. At present, individual routine assessment is not part of the standard pregnancy treatment protocols but it may be incorporated in future. The value of individual assessment allows the treatment to be targeted to only those individuals who are at risk but not in an "at risk" group.


Are you interested in a diagnostic test that can be done from home, involves 2 urine samples, takes 3 days and which costs less than €20

We are considering introducing a diagnostic test which will involve supplying two specimens of urine - one taken when you get up and the other after taking a sugar load. The cost will be in the range of €20, it will be done by post and results will generally be available in 3 days and will provide high-quality evidence about your susceptibility to GDM. We would like your feedback on interest in this test and ask that you click either of the two buttons below:

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