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Replenitol Tablets Benefits

What are the advantages of Replenitol tablets versus sachets?

Firstly, Replenitol is a proven effective medication that can help to significantly improve the symptoms of PCOS, including boosting fertility levels. In women who do not have PCOS, it has also been shown to significantly help. Replenitol tablets are much more convenient than sachets and have an improved bioavailability profile.

Improved Bioavailability

Replenitol tablets require time to dissolve in the digestive tract before they can be absorbed; inoself sachets are already dissolved in water and so it is absorbed very rapidly. The half-life in the blood of the active ingredient, myo-inositol, is 22-24 minutes. That means that approximately 3 hours after taking a sachet of inoself (allowing one hour for absorption) the amount of the delivered myo-inositol will have halved 5 times: i.e. roughly 95% of it will have been removed from your system. Some will have been used to supplement the deficiency at the cellular level but any circulating excess is swiftly removed. This is what makes inoself and Replenitol so safe but also presents some unique challenges which Replenitol helps overcome.

Replenitol tablets are compressed under very high pressure and must be dissolved in the digestive system before the active ingredient can be absorbed. In laboratory conditions at 37°C, the average time for the tablets to dissolve was 5-6 hours so the release profile is much more gradual, more closely mimicking the body’s natural circulating levels of myo-inositol. The peak is flattened and the circulating levels are sustained over a longer period of time so that it is available for cells when they need it. This is the goal of many therapies and it is an objective which Replenitol tablets can deliver. You can this in the graph below.


inoself sachets provide the clinically effective dose of 2g of myo-inositol twice daily. As inoself is dissolved in water, it is absorbed very rapidly, leading to a rapid rise in blood levels and a similarly steep decline as the half-life is 22-24 minutes.


Replenitol tablets are absorbed gradually, leading to a more even blood concentration. 2 Replenitol tablets twice per day offers improved bioavailability; taking 1 tablet 4 times per day can help ensure that myo-inositol is available to your cells for a little more of the time.

Comparison between Replenitol tablets and sachets

Above is a comparison of bioavailability between inoself sachets taken 12 hours apart, Replenitol taken 12 hours apart and Replenitol taken 4 times per day as someone may wish to do. It must be stressed that taking 2g twice per day of either inoself or Replenitol is a proven effective treatment regime. Replenitol offers the opportunity to improve on that benefit by enhancing bioavailability: this property will allow you to work with your clinician to decide which regime is best for you. As you can see from the above graphical representation the tablets help to deliver a more constant supply compared with sachets: there are no high peaks and no low troughs, one sees a much more constant blood concentration. Normally, the kidneys each produce 2g of myo-inositol and do so at a fairly constant rate: Replenitol tablets can help restore normal myo-inositol throughout the day so that it is always available when needed.

This graph is based upon laboratory observations and the known pharmacokinetics of myo-inositol, it is not derived from data from individual test subjects. It shows that Replenitol tablets can reduce the peak concentration in the blood by up to 90% compared with sachets and remain at physiological levels throughout the day. With sachets, there is a period of about 2½ hours when the blood levels are above the normal level followed by 9½ when it is below the normal level. If two tablets are taken twice per day, that situation is reversed and this should be an excellent regime for most people. If required one could, for example, spread the 4 tablets across the day at 07.00, 13.00, 19.00 and 23.00 which gives us an even flatter line at physiological levels that more closely reproduces the body's normal state.

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