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Cholesterol down from 8.5 to 6.2 in just 4 weeks of inoself!

A friend has had very high total cholesterol and dyslipidaemia for many years. She mentioned it to me which led me to recall that she had a complete and a partial nephrectomy over a decade ago, leaving her with 1/4 of a kidney. The kidneys maintain the blood levels of myo-inositol, inoself's active ingredient, by producing and metabolising it, as required. 4 grammes is the usual daily production between the two kidneys, so someone with only half of one kidney will be unable to maintain normal levels.

Myo-inositol is a major determinant of cholesterol levels - a deficit produces high "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and low "good" (HDL cholesterol. This is typical of many with dyslipidaemia which is often associated with Type 2 Diabetes (there is over excretion of myo-inositol in diabetes and other insulin resistant conditions) - my friend doesn't have diabetes but had a similar cholesterol profile because of being unable to produce sufficient myo-inositol. Replacing the missing metabolite with inoself has her well on the way to returning to normal cholesterol levels, reducing long-term health risk factors and allowing her to live a fuller, healthier life.

A 25% swing in a month is very welcome - we wish her well.

Photo courtesy of Artist: Stuart Miles


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