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Protection throughout Pregnancy

Inoself protects you and your baby throughout pregnancy, helping to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. It is also a very effective treatment to help prevent the development of diabetes in pregnancy and its actions have been demonstrated to prevent diabetes in 65-91% of women. Women identified to be at risk of developing diabetes in the first three months of pregnancy who took this treatment for the rest of their pregnancy had a risk reduction of 91%.

Although the study was modest in size, the degree of significance was extremely high (p=0.001) - meaning that the chances of this observation being correct is 99.9%. You can view the Abstract here

There are at least 3 other studies published in the last couple of years that are each three times larger (660 women were included in the randomised, placebo controlled trials) showing a risk reduction of 65-69%. That's great news for you and baby. Apart from preventing diabetes, researchers also demonstrated a reduction in big baby syndrome, the need for post delivery insulin and a much lower need to transfer newborns to high dependency care units.

That is why many units recommend that you continue treatment throughout pregnancy.

We'll post the key findings of the other papers in the next few weeks and provide links to the full papers where rights usage allow. Thanks for taking the time to visit us today. Good luck!

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