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Half of women in a major trial could not complete treatment as sachets "made many of them sick!"

We introduced Replenitol tablets 30 months ago and they have been very well-received almost unanimously. They are more convenient, more closely mimic your body's natural blood levels and have higher bio-availability. By contrast, the largest study into the benefits of inositol met with severe challenges as many women withdrew from the EMmy trial after attributing nausea and vomiting to the sachets that were used in the trial. Not only did the sachets make them feel ill, many women also found them inconvenient too - only 52% of women were able to adhere to the treatment schedule. You can take Replenitol tablets at any time - before, during or after eating. What could be simpler?

Here is an extract from the study findings:

Adherence and retention

Several of the women interviewed experienced prolonged nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and discontinued the supplements when they felt these symptoms were made worse by drinking the supplement (several mouthfuls of ‘sweet’-tasting, ‘sandy’-textured liquid). Research midwives also cited pregnancy sickness as a major reason for participant non-adherence and withdrawal.

A tablet form of the supplement was suggested by women and midwives as a preferable option in future studies. The twice-daily intake of the supplement and the time restrictions on taking it 1 hour before or after a meal were also major barriers to long-term adherence, as women struggled to embed the regimen into their busy daily routines.

…if it was in tablet form it would be easier for them to just swallow it, just like the Pregnacare… But because it’s in liquid they have to take a mouthful and mouthful and mouthful… And the main reason for the withdrawal again is the fact that they were having very bad morning sickness. (Midwife G, Site 4)

Would you like to read the paper yourself?

Click this link and you'll be able to see the full findings:

It was very unfortunate that so many of the affected women had to withdraw from the study or were unable to take the recommended treatment as this severely limited the researchers' scope to assess the full benefits as shown in other studies.


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