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Symptoms of PCOS

Symptoms vary in type and severity

The symptoms of PCOS can be quite varied in terms of their severity and the range that any one woman may have. Some women have very few, mild symptoms whilst others might have the full range at the more extreme end of the spectrum. There can also be variation in when symptoms become apparent, but the most common time is between the late teens and early twenties. The sooner it becomes apparent that you may have PCOS, the sooner an effective treatment plan can be put in place to help alleviate the associated problems and reduce the risk factors for other health issues in your later life.


Targeted treatment is best

Whether you have few, mild symptoms or more severe symptoms across the whole spectrum, it is best to use a targeted treatment that addresses the cause rather than just the individual symptoms. This avoids taking more medicines than is necessary and should be better for you in the long term. Some of the treatments that are currently offered are discussed in Other Treatments, providing you with a checklist of what to expect and alerting you to associated side effects. Replenitol had no side effects in any of the thousands of women who have participated in the numerous studies that have demonstrated its effectiveness. All changes were positive, in terms of biochemistry measures, clinical symptoms and pregnancy & birth rates.


PCOS runs in families: if you have close relatives who have/had PCOS and/or type 2 diabetes, this increases your chances of also having the syndrome. Women of all races can have PCOS but it is particularly prevalent among Asians.

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