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RCOG Green Top Guidelines

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Long-term Consequences


The latest Green Top Guidelines assessing the long-term consequences of PCOS were recently published. Some of the key findings should help clinicians adopt a consistent assessment and treatment strategy – they include:


“Women diagnosed with PCOS should be informed of the possible long-term risks to health that are associated with their condition by their healthcare professional”


“Clinicians may consider offering screening for gestational diabetes to women who have been diagnosed as having PCOS before pregnancy”


“Insulin resistance is present in around 65-80% of women with PCOS, independent of obesity”


You can download a copy of the Green Top Guidelines here


 Replenitol can prevent the long-term health consequences of PCOS 


Insulin resistance arises as a result of a deficit of a key metabolite, myo-inositol. Replenitol supplies the missing metabolite, reversing hyperinsulinaemia and hyperandrogenism associated with PCOS. Replenitol can dramatically improve the immediate consequences of PCOS and eliminate or reduce the associated long-term health risk factors, helping you live a fuller, healthier life.

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